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What Third-Party Apps Are Right For My Practice?
A guide to evaluation and selection of third-party apps for accounting practices
Third-party apps have become increasingly important to accountant practices as firms build out tech stacks to best support internal operations and nuanced client work. But choosing and evaluating the right apps that can serve all stakeholders can be daunting.

This downloadable resource explores the different types of apps and the jobs they perform, and walks through the evaluation process for selecting apps. We provide tips and considerations for requirements gathering, shortlisting apps, and offer two evaluation methods - a baseline app evaluation and a more systematic, scoring approach.

You'll learn how third-party apps can facilitate information flow, reporting, and compliance motions with the goal of as little manual intervention as possible. You'll also discover how to involve appropriate stakeholders and have clear guidelines to ensure the best options for improving efficiency are identified.

What Third-Party Apps Are Right For My Practice?

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