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How to Prevent and Manage Out-of-Scope Work
Tired of clients asking for more work than agreed upon? This guide teaches you how to transform scope creep into a lucrative revenue stream.
Scope creep is when clients ask for more work than what was originally agreed upon. However, scope creep can actually be a good thing for accounting and tax firms because it presents a revenue opportunity.
Instead of avoiding scope creep, it's better to learn how to manage out-of-scope work effectively. One key to handling scope creep is ensuring that both the professional and the client are on the same page from the beginning. This minimizes surprises and sets both parties up for success.

By downloading the guide, you'll receive:
  • Real-life examples of scope creep and how it can impact project timelines and budgets
  • Techniques for communicating with stakeholders about scope changes and managing their expectations
  • Strategies for prioritizing and negotiating scope changes while minimizing their impact on project resources
  • Insights on how to leverage scope creep to improve project outcomes and client satisfaction
  • How to leverage technology to effectively manage scope creep and scale your revenue
How to Prevent and Manage Out-of-Scope Work

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